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I registered my own domain and I'm an idiot. I pick the one service that does not include url forwarding or e-mail forwarding. This means that I have a domain but I can't forward it to my site which exists on the mindspring server. Mindspring doesn't allow the use of your own domain unless I sign up for their web hosting service which costs $50/month. Had I known this was going to be similar to buying a car which can only be serviced overseas and only takes Canadian gasoline, well I wouldn't have done it!! Oh and I can transfer my domain to another registrar but I'd have to basically pay for another year! I'm afraid to do that even because I'll probably choose the world's worst hosting company! I've asked Kari for help (because she truly is the Internet queen) and a fellow allpro (fantasy footballer). Although we were just head-to-head this week and I won so I wonder if I can trust his advice if he will even offer any!!!! Woe is me. I am not a homeowner because I own webspace I cannot access.


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