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Bowling Freak

Tuesday night we went to Doyle's to pre-bowl (we'll be at Heather & Rob's wedding reception on Saturday night). I bowled an 82. Why is it that whenever the pins decide to hold a sit-down, it's always on my lane?? Kelly bowled right around his average which is excellent. Yesterday, I went bowling with Heather... I bowled 162 and 148 (we'll just ignore the 102). The hook ball idea is working quite well. While we're on this bowling thing, it's got to be in writing that I am officially a bowling freak. I spent 45 minutes reading online tutorials on how to throw a better, more consistent ball. While I was reviewing the chapter on the approach, I did however, refrain from what I call, air bowling. Jill wants to go to rumble-boxing. I'm almost done making the tulip basket.


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