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Rose Red

Did anyone watch Rose Red? It's a Stephen King movie about an estate "Rose Red" that has a haunting past. From the previews I figured it'd be The House on Haunted Hill meets The Shining which in that aspect, I wasn't disappointed. When watching King movies, I guess you have to prepare yourself for some over dramatization and some sketchy editing, but they really dragged it out this time to make a 3-2 hour session series out of it. Plus with all the commercials, well it's enough to drive you nuts! Anyway, if you know me, you know that I scare easily... embarassingly easy and I've got to say, this movie hasn't affected me too much yet. And now I'm at that 'didn't like it - want to not care about #3' but this far into it you have to watch the 3rd one. I'm babbling. At any rate, I will have to tape it because Jill and I are going to a boxing match on Thursday which should be as fun as it will be interesting!


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