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So Tice Hires His Brother...

Why does this make me nervous? I know nothing about this guy, but I'm starting to feel like maybe O'Leary wasn't an entirely bad idea after all... I mean, at least we know who he is!!
A friend of mine from the Allpros fantasy football league and I had a short e-mail conversation about this website... he commented on this news page and I've been thinking alot about the whole wearing-my-life-on-my-sleeve deal. At first I was excited to be "found" on the search engines feeling it meant that I wasn't actually lost in the first place but now I'm thinking geez maybe I should be careful what I say here. And then it occurs to me that nobody probably reads into this as much as I do anyway so it's really not even an issue. And finally I realize, good God, what could be the worst thing that could happen!????? Well, I suppose QWest could sue me for incinuating that we needed a prayer to get through this service cutover thing. Or someone could probably sue me for mentioning prayer on the internet - I wouldn't want to offend anyone. lol - this has gone too far. I'll just make this disclaimer: anything found on this page is the opinion of the author unless it offends or irritates in which case you must have misunderstood. Please hang up and try your call again.


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