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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Print 'Em!

11 recipes are up... They're printer friendly!!

More Proof of Film Usage

The albums are up the albums are up! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!! Check 'em out! Does anyone know why you might get a "You're not authorized to view this page" warning? I get that message all the time from work and Rob got it from home on his laptop trying to view the photos page... but he could view everything else! I can't figure out why this is happening.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Got Film?

More albums are up on the photos page. And ONE recipe on the recipes page. I can't wait for this stuff to be finished so I can get back to normal blogging!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2002


2 Albums are up! Baskets and Supercross...

If Only Cache Grew on Trees

Cache. If I have to clear it one more time, I'm going to scream!!! (Well, if I'd just do it right the first time I guess it wouldn't pose a problem). Anyway, I had to re-do the menu because the pop-up menu javascript was causing havoc with my pop-up windows I use for the photo albums. I tried to debug but in the end I was the one debugged. Today I'm staying dedicated to the photo albums. I should have them done tonight! Well, at least a few of them. By the way, I've wasted a lot of time lately learning fireworks, photoshop, and imageready only to find that the 3 programs are very similar. I don't have a favorite yet but I've been using fireworks mostly lately. The application itself seems faster. And then there's the fact that it works so seemlessly with dreamweaver. OK OK, maybe I do have a favorite. I'm just not ready to commit. This is getting serious.

Monday, February 25, 2002

I've Moved...

My head hurts from all of the formatting issues but I think I finally nailed things down. I haven't updated the links in the archives nor the pictures, but that will come later. Please comment and let me know if you like the new look! I'm still working on the new site so please bear with me. The recipe page should be ready by next week. Happy day.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Stent Stints Suck.

Somebody found this website in a google search for "kidney stone stint". I shudder at the thought that someone is going through that pain right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Happy 30th Birthday Heather!!

I gave Heather a pin that was in the shape of lips that flashed. It said "Kiss Me I'm 30". She put it on her pants.

Chuck is Mike's friend. Chuck went to the Timberwolves game that night. Chuck had several, if not thousands, of beers. Chuck was very drunk. Chuck was yelling "Terri" all night long but I finally realized he was talking to me towards the end of the night. I played along as he introduced me to his friend (I forgot his name, is this ironic?) correcting him only to say my name was Bob. He spent the rest of the evening apologizing for thinking my name was Terri.

Kelly had conversations with himself all the way home.

And where IS Taco Johns in New Hope?

Gotta Go P-P

Why why why does Champps spell Champs with 2 p's?

Domain Shifter

Well, I didn't have to transfer my domain after all. Now I feel like an idiot for waiting the 60 days. I chose site5 as my new host. Best price and most features. Pretty much a no brainer once I found them but it was a nightmare and a half weeding thorugh all of the "testimonials" out there. I think this time I made the right choice.

Monday, February 18, 2002

1/1000th of a Score and 7 Minutes Ago

My cousin Heather's 30th birthday was on Sunday - we celebrated at the Sunshine Factory on Friday night. A great time was had by all - oh my God the stories! Saturday we went to the EA Sports Supercross Series event at the Metrodome. Ricky Carmichael won! I got lots of great pictures but probably won't be up until next week on the new domain. Otherwise I would have to do them twice and well, I'm lazy. Sunday, we played MX2002 (Ricky Carmichael game for PS2) all day. I made banana bread in the morning and green chile cheeseburgers for dinner. They were wonderful! I'd been wanting to try that recipe for awhile now and the ironic thing is last night when I went to bed, I watched this special about New Mexico and their peppers and they talked about how they created green chile cheeseburgers some 40 years ago! I'll be back with more stories from Friday night... until then, stay cool and eat macaroni.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Load Unbalancing

Well, I've removed the post with the horrible banners that took forever to load! I'm so sorry to you guys with 56k modems (like me). Anyway, I've decided to go another route... check out the new homepage and let me know what you think. I'm not sure if it's too plain or if it's too much or just too ugly. Maybe it's the white background I don't like...

Bowling went well last weekend. We won all 3 games giving us all 7 pts! We should be in 3rd place or higher now. It's nice to be in the running not only because winning's fun (duh), but because it makes it more of a team effort. You're thinking... um, that's why they call it a bowling t-e-a-m... right but if you're not in contention, it's easy to bowl just to try to improve your average i.e. individually. Now we're starting to work as a team and it shows!

Love and bowling shoes,

Friday, February 08, 2002

Because Animals Need Headshots, Too

Jazmine's 3rd album is up! I used Dreamweaver to make the album this time. It's not as "pretty" but it was a lot easier to make (mainly because PictureIt is such a memory hog).

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Fixing the Fixes

Fixed the new miscellaneous photos page. I checked the page from my other computer and the pop up window size was all whacked out. I'm going to research this tomorrow, but if you know, maybe I won't have to... on my 1 PC, I have IE6 and the pop-up window size doesn't matter... i.e. the picture is automatically proportioned to fit inside the pop-up window. On my other PC, I have IE5.5 and the pop-up window DOES matter, the picture is a static size and if the pop-up window isn't big enough to fit that size, part of the picture is hidden. Is this something to do with the difference in IE version (I'm guessing it is so)? Isn't there some kind of pill of knowledge one could take to just know this stuff?


My new domain will be ready for transfer in about 2 weeks. I've started the re-design process and would like your opinions on a couple of banners I've created.
Let me know what you think!!

I should be finished with

I should be finished with the Tulip basket next week! Kelly did laundry last night... I tried to convince him that he liked it but he didn't buy it. I've been very busy at work this week. I accredit the busyness to meetings almost all day yesterday. Kelly's been busy too, trying to catch up from being gone last week. He had 2 all day seminars and then was gone for 1 1/2 days in Atlanta so... it's been a pretty boring week at our house. A lot of moping around :) Tonight is Must-See-TV and tomorrow is National Cleaning Day. Saturday morning we're taking our cars in - mine needs an oil change because it's starting to whine and his needs a tire rotation/balancing. Then we're off to Perkins because I have a job to do there and then... it's bowling! Maybe, just maybe, I can get my groove back.

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Need (need) Help (help)

I made a miscellaneous page for those extra pictures that are just too few to make an album out of. I actually got the popup windows to work the first time! I used echoecho for help, although in the end I wrote some of it myself. God only knows how it's working. Anyhow, I hope you like! I honestly don't know how I haven't surpassed my 10mb limit of web space at mindspring. Hmm. Perhaps they don't notify and I'll get a bill for $400 this month. We're going bowling tonight. I'll try not to fall my butt.

Sunday, February 03, 2002

Green Bay

I made it to Green Bay in less than 4 hours! The drive was pretty bear free which was nice. Amy, her parents and I went to a fish fry for dinner. It was wonderful! I'd never been to a fish fry before. Then Amy and I met her friend Rachel and her friends at Anduzzi's and from there ventured out downtown. We went to Maloney's which was a really nice 2 story bar. For the guys there was an ice t-shirt contest and for the girls, well there were a bunch of guys watching the ice t-shirt contest :) We bar hopped until about 1:30 and then went back to Maloney's. After bar, we had a Phat Dog which I would highly highly recommend. It was sooo good!!! Not to mention the cute intelligent "hot dog guy." Yes, that's right, a man with an intelligence in Green Bay. I know hard to believe (Just kidding Amy). Thank you for having me Amy! We will do this again soon!

I got to Milwaukee at about 4pm. Becky & Karl's apartment is great!! Seagrams is very happy. We had pizza, played on the computer, browsed through their wedding pictures and then went out to the Safe House. It was a lot of fun. You have to know the password otherwise they make you do embarrassing things in order to gain entrance. It's a spy theme - mainly 007 - and features very tasty drinks and all sorts of fun things to look at inside. Careful where you sit at the bar because one of the chairs lowers itself every once in awhile! I'd definitely recommend it although plan on having a good sized bar tab - drinks are about $6.25 each but you get to keep the glass. Karl missed Kelly because Becky and I got caught up reminiscing a few times so next time we'll definitely travel together! Thanks for taking care of me you guys! I had a blast. I got back at about 5pm. Traffic was pretty good although there were a lot of speed traps along the way. Just outside of Milwaukee an east-bound car had flipped over the center median and was suspended upside down. Police had just arrived on the scene and it looked like the person was still in the vehicle. I hope everything turned out OK. Seeing stuff like that just before a 400 mile drive sure puts things into perspective.

John Madden is Not My Hero

While you can't always count on the Rams to score a touchdown, you can always count on Madden saying things that make you go hmmm. The most recent favorite: After a Rams lineman drew the Patriots off-sides (i.e. false start), Madden quips: "Once you put your hand down there, you can't have that little wiggle" Little wiggle. That's funny!

Friday, February 01, 2002

Jill & Cari Do Fight Night

The RiverCentre Rumble was fun last night - we saw 2 K.O.'s!

I'm off to Green Bay to see Amy Pease today! We're going to see how many beers we can consume :) Tomorrow I'll be going to Milwaukee to see Becky!

Attention all officers and state troopers: You do not want to pull over the girl in the black Prelude. She's harmless and has good intentions. That should be good enough!

Have a great weekend!

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