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Green Bay

I made it to Green Bay in less than 4 hours! The drive was pretty bear free which was nice. Amy, her parents and I went to a fish fry for dinner. It was wonderful! I'd never been to a fish fry before. Then Amy and I met her friend Rachel and her friends at Anduzzi's and from there ventured out downtown. We went to Maloney's which was a really nice 2 story bar. For the guys there was an ice t-shirt contest and for the girls, well there were a bunch of guys watching the ice t-shirt contest :) We bar hopped until about 1:30 and then went back to Maloney's. After bar, we had a Phat Dog which I would highly highly recommend. It was sooo good!!! Not to mention the cute intelligent "hot dog guy." Yes, that's right, a man with an intelligence in Green Bay. I know hard to believe (Just kidding Amy). Thank you for having me Amy! We will do this again soon!

I got to Milwaukee at about 4pm. Becky & Karl's apartment is great!! Seagrams is very happy. We had pizza, played on the computer, browsed through their wedding pictures and then went out to the Safe House. It was a lot of fun. You have to know the password otherwise they make you do embarrassing things in order to gain entrance. It's a spy theme - mainly 007 - and features very tasty drinks and all sorts of fun things to look at inside. Careful where you sit at the bar because one of the chairs lowers itself every once in awhile! I'd definitely recommend it although plan on having a good sized bar tab - drinks are about $6.25 each but you get to keep the glass. Karl missed Kelly because Becky and I got caught up reminiscing a few times so next time we'll definitely travel together! Thanks for taking care of me you guys! I had a blast. I got back at about 5pm. Traffic was pretty good although there were a lot of speed traps along the way. Just outside of Milwaukee an east-bound car had flipped over the center median and was suspended upside down. Police had just arrived on the scene and it looked like the person was still in the vehicle. I hope everything turned out OK. Seeing stuff like that just before a 400 mile drive sure puts things into perspective.


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