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I should be finished with

I should be finished with the Tulip basket next week! Kelly did laundry last night... I tried to convince him that he liked it but he didn't buy it. I've been very busy at work this week. I accredit the busyness to meetings almost all day yesterday. Kelly's been busy too, trying to catch up from being gone last week. He had 2 all day seminars and then was gone for 1 1/2 days in Atlanta so... it's been a pretty boring week at our house. A lot of moping around :) Tonight is Must-See-TV and tomorrow is National Cleaning Day. Saturday morning we're taking our cars in - mine needs an oil change because it's starting to whine and his needs a tire rotation/balancing. Then we're off to Perkins because I have a job to do there and then... it's bowling! Maybe, just maybe, I can get my groove back.

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