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Load Unbalancing

Well, I've removed the post with the horrible banners that took forever to load! I'm so sorry to you guys with 56k modems (like me). Anyway, I've decided to go another route... check out the new homepage and let me know what you think. I'm not sure if it's too plain or if it's too much or just too ugly. Maybe it's the white background I don't like...

Bowling went well last weekend. We won all 3 games giving us all 7 pts! We should be in 3rd place or higher now. It's nice to be in the running not only because winning's fun (duh), but because it makes it more of a team effort. You're thinking... um, that's why they call it a bowling t-e-a-m... right but if you're not in contention, it's easy to bowl just to try to improve your average i.e. individually. Now we're starting to work as a team and it shows!

Love and bowling shoes,


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