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Saturday, March 30, 2002

To Adam & Heather

Congratulations on your wedding day! We hope you are having a wonderful time in Las Vegas! Surely luck will be on your side.

Heather & Mike went to Vegas for the wedding and ended up winning lots o' money! Congrats you two! & please don't forget your friends :) Just teasing, buy yourselves something nice or go on vacation (pssst..take me with you!)

Friday, March 29, 2002

As if

As if I could resist posting from the bar. We're at the Original Sports Bar at the Mall of America. What are these computers here for? For those people who are going through withdrawals from online porn? OK that's sick. OK, I've had too many beers. Panic Room at 7:40pm. Buh-bye

Lord of the Rings

We saw The Lord of the Rings last night. It was fantastic! I can't believe how well-cast and seemlessly done it is. Even if you're not a fantasy-wizards-warlocks kind of person, this is a great story. Frodo is my littlest hero.

Tonight we see Panic Room starring Jodie Foster at the Mall of America. I won tickets, popcorn & pop from 93X! Woohoo! I guess we'll just HAVE to have a few cocktails before the movie. I wanna go now!

Vikings Spirit Day

Tim the superfan
Well Viking's Fans... it's official, our team will not have a Monday Night game this season. First time in a long time. I blame Tice. Well, and losing the entire defense and offensive line might have something to do with it. Crap.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Link Temper

I fixed the posting links on the front page. Doesn't do much good to offer permilinks if they don't work now does it??? Also, I've geeked out and renamed them "cittilinks". So now and again, you can bookmark or link to any individual post! Wooeey, if your friends could see you now! Yeah. And the comments are your voice people - don't be afraid to use them! Yes, I'm feeling unloved again due to the lack of comments. It's something about that big fat "0". I'm going to go out and eat worms.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

It's spring cleaning time!

Finally making the 5-drawer filing cabinet useful. In shuffling papers, I found an old note from my doctor's office dated Nov. 1999... I'm immune to chicken pox! Not sure how I could have forgotten this, but yay, it's strangely liberating. Since I've never had the pox I've worried about getting them as an adult. Law & Order is on and it's a good'un!

A bit o' Texas

My old pal Renee called me today from Texas. Yes, that's right Renee - you're a PAL. Live with it :) We reminisced (as if our past tales deserved such a fancy word). Oh but they do. Anyway, those were the days weren't they? And then Berger here had to get herself a dose of reality dang it. We did have some fun didn't we? Cari Dice Clay, the lovable recliner, puppet-boy, LeBare, werewolves & white squirrels, lizard lounge, g money, Jarod's rendition of "back street's back alright... everybody...", picking up hangers, locking one's self in bathroom, $30 candles at Tom Thumb. That much hilarity could not be legal.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Saturday Nite Live Gets Live

The pictures from Saturday night are up now... I split them into 3 sections. First, the after league bar party at Doyle's. Second, Rick's beer drinking skills. and Third, the after bar at the Rymers. If you don't feel like seeing the whole album, this page features my cousin and her many talents. And for your viewing pleasure, 5 new movies can be found on the movie page! Rick gives us a dancing lesson... Mike shows us his pizza roll trick - it's better than must see TV! Bon appetit!

Monday, March 25, 2002

The Sexports

Rick, Bev, Duane and Diane brought the party back to Heather & Mike's after bowling on Saturday night. What a riot! All I can tell you for now is that Diane was attacked by a brown bear and Rick ended up getting stuck in the fireplace. I'm working on posting the pictures. I'm going to have to make some kind of story line for this album... :) Happy Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2002


I've got to link to loriloo. Lori is from the US and is teaching English in Korea! Her blog is full of fun stories and information about Korea. I just visited today and she has pictures from Pusan (where I was found when I was a baby). I had to write and explain a little about me and asked if she might take a picture for me if she travelled to Pusan again and happened by the City Hall. That's where it all started! I really have to bite my lower lip and buy a plane ticket. I really just have to go!

Thursday, March 21, 2002


You know, my luck would have it that pigvomit would find this site somehow which would surely earn me a prepaid ticket to ride the layoff express. crap.


It's like the walking dead around here. More layoffs loom in the near future (as in next week). It's sad really. Some people have volunteered. I believe I'm safe since I'm the only telecom expert here but in this environment that's no guarantee. The only word I can think of to describe how I feel is uncomfortable. Unbelievably so. Other than that revelation I have managed to have the worst day in a very long time. I suppose it actually started last night but that's a whole other story. A customer, we'll call "Fruitcake", called this morning and asked for a group we'll call "Widgets". The customer service operator transferred Fruitcake to the Widget makers where Fruitcake sat in queue for 33 minutes. At this point Fruitcake heard a message stating that there were no available agents but pressing 0 would transfer him to customer service. Fruitcake presses zero. Fruitcake complains. Fruitcake obviously wanted to complain about something because for no other reason would somebody in their right mind stay on hold for over 30 minutes. Anyway, I was notified of the problem at about 10. I found a mistake in the routing (obviously) & I changed the queue time to 45 seconds vs. the 1970 seconds it was originally set at. I wrote a very nice politically correct customer geared red tape lined letter addressing the issue, outlining the solution and apologizing for my ineptitude. I even got a few compliments on the note. We all know who Pigvomit is right? Well, Pigvomit is quite obviously going through some tough times having to make decisions re: looming layoffs, etc. but... why am I making excuses for Pigpoo? Pigvomit is copied on my letter and drops by my cell shortly thereafter. I explained what had happened and apologized and owned up to the fact that it was my responsibility to make sure there were no "holes" in the routing. Pigvomit said it was no problem and that I couldn't be expected to be perfect but only a second later pigvomit (notice pigvomit's now lost capitalization) begins being very condescending and short tempered. pigvomit succeeds at making me feel completely worthless. Ugh, why am I still thinking about this? It's time to go home. Did I mention the fact that if one of pigvomit's direct reports would have been making widgets as they should have been none of this would have happened?

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

More Participation Than Bargained For

In Ohio, a 13 year old girl dies after being hit in the side of the head by a puck at a hockey game. And she was a spectator. How awful. I can't even imagine what her family must be going through right now. No words.

Becky & Karl's Wedding Album

Becky & Karl's wedding album is here! Also pictures from the Billy Joel/Elton John concert last May.

Monday, March 18, 2002

Here's My Little Cousin Jayden...

Starring Jazmine...

New Jazmine clip (it's pretty cute). Also new pictures on Jazmine's album.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Blogger's on the Fritz

Apparently the main guy's been on vacation (ev) and so the sky has begun to fall. No worries though because he'll be back v. soon and it's been good training for his backups :) How has this affected us? Well, I had a bunch of double posts that I just got done deleting and I haven't been able to post since yesterday. We're heading up north today. Maybe some snowmobiling. Maybe ice fishing. It's nice not to have a plan. Have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy the snow!!! The snowbanks are higher than they have been all year!

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Not So Prime Time

I stayed home from work today. The quality of daytime TV is enough to make anyone want to work. Speaking of TV, what's up with prime time. The schedule is completely crazy. Crossing Jordan's on, it's not, it's new, it's repeated. Oops, it's Bernie Mac. Is it like this every year? And what's with the repeats? I guess I can deal with the repeats, but Bernie Mac - stay on your own night dammit.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002


Check out this 2002 calendar... (sent to me by Amy Pease). It's 263k but it's worth the wait!

Ely Igloo

I want to drive the Ely Igloo.

And I'm tired of being sick. [sniff sniff]

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Bowling Songs Rule

Your rosin bag, your towel too
You have your own.. bowling shoes
If you don't go, you'll sing the blues
Another game is what you choose

Ohh oohh
You like to think that you're immune to the stuff
It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
You know you're gonna have to face it
You're addicted to bowling

Now You're Cookin'

Lots of good recipes are up on the, you guessed it, recipes page!

Friday, March 08, 2002

See Pins, Hit Pins

Bowling pictures are here! You really should check out the Gutter Queen... she might be the girl of your dreams!

It's What's for Dinner

Lots of recipes up now. Why does it show all of the links as visited on the recipe page even though I haven't been to each of them??? I've tried changing the href="#" to href="#1", etc. and can't figure out why the browser can't see that they are all different links... crappy popup windows

Pre-Napoleon Tater-Tot Fixation

The tater-tots I got for lunch are delightfully crisp but not crunchy. I have become the tater-tot connoisseur.

Bread in a Can

Made spaghetti last night. I love Pillsbury Breadsticks. You know the kind... you open the can, roll 'em out on a baking sheet, throw them in the oven and 13 minutes later *poof* you've got breadsticks. When I was a kid, I loved opening the can - you just peel back the label and *pop* goes the can and out comes the dough. Now it seems I'm a bit apprehensive while peeling back the label. As if I have some reason to expect snakes or other Indiana Jones' adversaries instead of harmless Pillsbury dough. I think I actually closed my eyes. I'm concerned.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Don't Mess With...

This is why I do not live in Texas anymore!


Here's a cool thing... I happened to be by the old blogger.com page and my ad was up!! I think the chances of this is pretty rare so I made a screen blip for your enjoyment :)

Do you like my new

Do you like my new blogger button? Fireworks rules.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

1969 Ford T-bird

Well, someone out there stumbled up on my site when they were looking for info about the 4-door (suicide door) Thunderbird! He wrote saying he is a former owner of a dark blue T-Bird that also was the suicide door model. As per your request... here are 2 pictures of the car!

As you can see it's in great shape - the 429 thunder-jet engine is all original and I have every receipt dating back to 1970! It does need some restoring though it runs great... the ragtop is new. E-mail me with any other questions! I don't know much about car restoration...

Tuesday, March 05, 2002


2 new albums on photos page. One depicts the lobster dinner we had on Sunday. The other is by popular demand... a documentary of why some people should not go to bars... check it out (but don't show the kids).
Love and rum & cokes,

Monday, March 04, 2002

I <3 Boston

P.S. The lobster and the clams were awesome! We're going to make clam chowder tonight... mmm... seafood...

Feedback Rules!

Thank you guys for all of the great feedback! I really appreciate it. I've posted a dozen or so movie clips on the movies page. I also put up 1 more recipe. I changed the recipe format - if you click "send" it will open a mail with the link so you can send the recipe to a friend! All that's left now is to finish the recipe page! Afterwards, I might work on putting more of the old photo albums up.

Sunday, March 03, 2002

He's My Lobster

We're having lobster and clams for dinner tonight. And I have dough rising in the oven as I type! First attempt at homemade rolls so this should be interesting! I went shopping with Shelly and "her girls" on Friday. We found the perfect bridesmaids' dresses! Why do they make the dresses run small? Wouldn't you think it'd be the opposite... that on your special day you could wear a 2 instead of a 6? Noooo... in stead you're about 6 sizes bigger than normal! I wouldn't be surprised if tuxes run big. I'm sure we can figure some way to blame a man for this :)

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