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It's like the walking dead around here. More layoffs loom in the near future (as in next week). It's sad really. Some people have volunteered. I believe I'm safe since I'm the only telecom expert here but in this environment that's no guarantee. The only word I can think of to describe how I feel is uncomfortable. Unbelievably so. Other than that revelation I have managed to have the worst day in a very long time. I suppose it actually started last night but that's a whole other story. A customer, we'll call "Fruitcake", called this morning and asked for a group we'll call "Widgets". The customer service operator transferred Fruitcake to the Widget makers where Fruitcake sat in queue for 33 minutes. At this point Fruitcake heard a message stating that there were no available agents but pressing 0 would transfer him to customer service. Fruitcake presses zero. Fruitcake complains. Fruitcake obviously wanted to complain about something because for no other reason would somebody in their right mind stay on hold for over 30 minutes. Anyway, I was notified of the problem at about 10. I found a mistake in the routing (obviously) & I changed the queue time to 45 seconds vs. the 1970 seconds it was originally set at. I wrote a very nice politically correct customer geared red tape lined letter addressing the issue, outlining the solution and apologizing for my ineptitude. I even got a few compliments on the note. We all know who Pigvomit is right? Well, Pigvomit is quite obviously going through some tough times having to make decisions re: looming layoffs, etc. but... why am I making excuses for Pigpoo? Pigvomit is copied on my letter and drops by my cell shortly thereafter. I explained what had happened and apologized and owned up to the fact that it was my responsibility to make sure there were no "holes" in the routing. Pigvomit said it was no problem and that I couldn't be expected to be perfect but only a second later pigvomit (notice pigvomit's now lost capitalization) begins being very condescending and short tempered. pigvomit succeeds at making me feel completely worthless. Ugh, why am I still thinking about this? It's time to go home. Did I mention the fact that if one of pigvomit's direct reports would have been making widgets as they should have been none of this would have happened?


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