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Fired for Blogging

Blogger features a 10 most recently updated blogs list and a featured blog list that I check out once in awhile. I can't remember who was the referring site (sorry), but through a blog, I found Dooce.com. The owner of the blog had actually been fired from her job because of things she had written on her personal webpage. How can this happen? She hadn't named any names or said anything derogatory towards any specific person. Any sane person would know that some events would be exaggerated for the purpose of making the story more interesting. To salt the wound, one of the people who fired her had helped her write some of the entries! I think I remember a news story about a husband and wife who were both RN's at a well-known hospital. Their employers were trying to find a way to get rid of them because in their spare time they had web cams set up in their homes and were moonlighting as do it yourself at home porn stars. I remember specifically that they couldn't fire them because you can't control someone's personal life unless it is a conflict of interest. Anyway, so then I decide to check out Loriloo only to find that some of her students stumbled upon her blog and she's having second thoughts about keeping it. It is a sticky situation - I mean no one wants to censor themselves, but sometimes the pain of not biting the bullet can be much worse than keeping things private. Last I'd read she was considering not using people's real names. It's hard enough to be a teacher, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to teach without having the respect of your students. Sometimes you do just have to do the right thing. (BTW: I'm not implying that Lori's anecdotes deem her disrespect-able [on the contrary!] but that some people have strange ways of interpretation)

And so I reflect. Since this website was created mainly for mine and Kelly's families, naturally I'm a little more careful about what I write. Sometimes I wish I didn't feel like I have to, but lets face it my life is admittedly pretty PG - it's not like I have to leave out many details! So now do I have to watch what I post about work? I wouldn't use real names anyway and I would hope everyone would understand that even if the post wasn't entirely positive, it wouldn't be slanderous or personal. I guess you just have to assess your current situation - is your boss reasonable? Would he or any one of your co-workers even find your blog? If they did, would they be offended? I think I'm safe. I hardly post about work and my boss and I are very amicable. I will watch the future use of the term "pig vomit" however. <wink wink>

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