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We're getting ready to move at the beginning of May. The apartment people still haven't let us know our move date nor have they had us sign the lease yet, but I know we wouldnt' be so lucky as not to get one. We're thinking it'll be the weekend of May 4th. It should be an easy move since it's in the same building and there is an elevator... come join us - food and beer will be provided! I'm on the phone with Matthew of AT&T Broadband as I type. He's nice.

I think I know why AT&T Broadband has to charge so much for their service... We have a digital phone and digital cable. There is a "box" for each. They will disconnect the phone and pick up the phone equipment on 5/3 between 5-7pm. Then they'll send someone out on 5/4 between 3-5pm to install new phone equipment in the new apartment. Unfortunately we'll be without a home phone for a day, but in the cell phone unlim. weekend minute age, who cares?! They will also be sending a guy to pick up the cable equipment on 5/4 between 9-11am. Then between 11-1pm on the same day, another guy will come to install another box at the new apartment. Yes, you counted right, that means 4 trips by 4 different people on 2 different days to simply move equipment from 1 apartment to another in the same building.

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