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Panic Room

First, a big thank you to 93X! Panic Room was OK. I might have expected too much out of it. It was a fun evening though. Along with the movie, I won 2 large popcorns and 2 large cokes. Um... when they say large, they mean colossal. Thankfully we gave a popcorn and a pop to a Mom and Son in line ahead of us - we didn't even put a dent in ours! Anyway, the highlight of the evening for Kelly was his seeing a teenage girl wearing a tinfoil beanie with cardboard antennae. It had pink spots. The hat, not the girl. I had to hide the foil at home fearing he might begin construction of his own tinfoil gear. Amy Pease was in town this weekend and the gang went out to Gastof's in Minneapolis. We were supposed to join them but the movie ran long and we made a pitstop at Lil' Ditty's for a beer on the way home. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you this time around Amy, but we'll get together soon.


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