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The Finality of Bowling

It is with a great deal of sadness that I must announce the commencement of the Saturday Nite Live bowling league at Doyle's Lanes. That's right - Saturday was the last stand. To make it easier on the drunks, it was no-tap - wherein getting 9 pins on your first ball counts as a strike. Mike always gets 9's during league, in fact he had a game almost entirely made up of 9 spares last time. Somehow the 9's escaped most of us, except for Gary S. who bowled a no-tap 300! We had a great time. I'm not sure if we just had fun bowling or if we were drunk or if we were held over by the opponent who kept falling into the gutter. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy at the time so I have no proof.

Shelly & Brent came out for moonlight bowling. I won 2 dollars. I'd pay the "better off dead" paperboy but I can't find him. We were paired up with some interesting folk. I reckon they were from the other side of them there tracks. One donned the 80's stonewash jeans complete with zippers and finished the ensemble with target shoes "painted" with what looked like flourescent markers for bowling shoes. Her husband wore similar stonewash jeans with strategically placed moth eaten holes along the right leg. It was too dark to see how many teeth they had. OK that's mean. I'm sorry, I'll do 2 extra good deeds today. Kelly made us sing Summer Nights ala Karaoke. No comment.

Love and stonewash,


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