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WANTED: Wolff Trucking

Date: 4/4/02
Time: 11:20am
Location: Westbound 694 just east of hwy 10 split
What: Semi-truck hauling dirt and rock made abrupt move to cut me off travelling at least 70 mph. The jerking of his trailer forced dirt and rocks up and over the container bed and onto the road, bouncing onto my hood causing scratches, dents and a chip in my windshield.

The tractor said WOLFF TRUCKING on it and below the window it said MINNETONKA. No ICC numbers or other licensing numbers were on the truck (or perhaps they were in very small print?). The truck number is W994. The trailer license is Minnesota 43884. It was a black belly dump trailer. The tractor was a light blue/silvery color. I reported the incident to the state patrol but they were unable to locate the vehicle.

Why this is a mess: There is no directory listing for WOLFF TRUCKING. Not online, not in local yellow, white, or business pages, nor 411. I called the local police department and they cannot divulge any phone number for the trailer owner even though it's a commercial business. They referred me to the department of motor vehicles who also tells me this information is not public record. I called the City of Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce who found no record of Wolff anything and referred me to the Secretary of State's office who turned me over to the Better Business Bureau. Nobody can find any information about this company.

So word to the wise, if any kind of incident involving a semi happens to you, follow the damn truck until the troopers catch up to you (unless you see a phone # or get the tractor license # and the ICC numbers).


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What a jerk. I hope you win. Then I hope he has to pay. Then I hope the jerk that did it gets fired. Good luck Cari.

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