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Friday, May 31, 2002

Lake Vermillion Pictures

I've done an album for Lake Vermillion. Let me know if you like the format. It was kind of cumbersome to do, but would work for albums that I won't be updating. I'm thinking it might be easier to browse through than the pop up windows. Another album format example is here (SC). Which one's better? Please help me make the albums easier on the eyes!! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or sending me an e-mail.

I've archived some of the old pictures in Chris & Sheryl's and Jazmine's albums. Hopefully that'll be easier viewing for those of us still using 56K modems.

Have an excellent weekend.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Legalize It

Apparently fireworks were recently legalized in the state of Minnesota. I should clarify, they've legalized "Wisconsin" wimpy fireworks, nothing like what you find in the south. In SC, you have to be 14 years old to buy the big dogs. Apparently they value fingers only until they're aged to 13. Anyhow, I'm all for this, I mean it's ridiculous to outlaw sparklers. But we know the media and how they'll have a field day with the 3 people who injure themselves on the 4th of July this year. 7 people were probably hurt last year but that story won't lead until it's got some political value. The point of bringing this deal up was that I think there may be an error in which fireworks sales are being marketed...
Recently seen in an Oasis Market gas station: Large display of Harry Potter videos, action figures, etc. On the other side of the H.P. display; fireworks. Can you just see it now? Kids playing with Harry Potter, doing their magic spells topped off with some fireworks for some special effects. Oops, he's lost his head.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002


Kelly & I went up to Lake Vermillion this weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect even though the fishing was a bit slow. The lake is just so huge! We stayed at Pike Bay Lodge again. They're just wonderful people. We were in the boathouse this time. Complete with a mini fireplace and a jacuzzi tub. Yes we were roughing it. I caught a 20" northern on Saturday for dinner (which was fantastic) but on Sunday we had to resort to plan "b" (hotdogs and brats). It was so nice to get away from the city for awhile. Chad went back up to Brainerd where they caught their limit both days. The highlights were a 7 lb. northern and a couple of 3-4 lb. bass. This puts my 2-3 lb northern to shame!

I just looked back and realized I never wrote anything meaningful about fishing opener??? Can't imagine what is wrong with me.
Naturally fishing opener lands on my birthday (which was finally on a Friday) - what can you do? We went to Brainerd with Chad and Wendy. Chad's grandparents live on Mission Lake which is the clearest cleanest lake I have ever seen. You can see 5 ft down. The weather was awful - cold and wet even snow on Sunday. Unfortunately the fishing was slow. On Saturday I caught just 1 small perch and Sunday Kelly caught a largemouth bass and I caught a good sized lgmouth bass. I caught it with a "free" Rapala that came with a qt. of valvoline. I wasn't sure if the lure would even work and said so as I cast. The bass hit it about 2 seconds after it hit the water and gave up a pretty good fight into the boat. Wouldn't you know that I caught the northern with the same valvoline lure? Guess it works... :)

Friday, May 24, 2002


Well Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Finally, we can do some bass fishing and keep the buggers. I'm sure the 2-3 lb bass I caught last week will elude me this week. Fellow Minnesotans, don't blink... you might miss the summer.

Everybody, be safe and have lots of fun. In that order.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

It Says, "Buy Me!"

I must have this.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Moving moving moving...

Things are settling pretty well on the homefront. I'm about 98% done with the den. I still have too many clothes for the closet and dresser, but the more I get sick of the pile on the floor, the easier it is to throw things in the "Goodwill" pile. The Goodwill pile has grown to about 1/5 the size of the room. Must get ready for the party on 6/15. It's a Pampered Chef slash housewarming slash beer drinking party. You should attend. If you like expensive beer, bring your own please.

I moved offices today. What a job! I didn't realize how much stuff I'd acquired over the past couple of years. I'm already settled and inherited a very nice credenza cabinet so I'm happy. Nice to have an office with a door. Could I possibly be somebody now? Or maybe they just have a surplus of empty offices with doors. I'll choose not to believe the latter. I need to bring in a lamp. The florescent lights in here would certainly cause blindness. Plus it's too hard to nap in such artificial light. But seriously.

Love and florescent lighting,

Monday, May 20, 2002

A Child's Insight

My cousin Heather is expecting and her youngest daughter Alex (3 yrs) was excited to hear the news.

Her response was an enthusiastic, "Yah! If it's a girl, we can call her 'Pumpkin' and if it's a boy, we'll call him 'Pumpkinhead'."

Do you suppose she understands her wisdom?

Thursday, May 16, 2002


I suppose anyone is flattered by attracting visitors to their site and so, I'm no different. Beggers shouldn't be choosers, but I have been recently perplexed by the way some folks have been directed to my site. Here are some examples of some search engine queries that lead people to my site...

  • flour spontaneous combustion
  • shoes painted on rocks
  • go out and eat worms
  • photos from movies with guys in dresses
  • my hairline is receding and driving me nuts
  • pictures of sneezes

    Interesting. I hope the viewers weren't disappointed to find that I don't paint shoes on rocks or own movies with guys in dresses nor am employed by a hair loss clinic. I suppose I could walk around with a pepper shaker and start collecting pictures of sneezes. Nah.

  • Jazmine's feeling much better...

    Jazmine's feeling much better after just 2 doses of medicine. I found a painless way to give a ferret medicine he or she doesn't want! If you hold them by the scruff of their neck, it makes them "go to sleep". It's painless for them (although I would not recommend doing this often or anything but in a gentle manner). Anyway, when they're "sleeping" I put the dropper by her mouth and dropped 1 drop or so at a time right below her nose, at the tip of her mouth. Instinctively she licked her lips thus eating the medicine! In about 30 seconds all meds were down and she seemed none the wiser. The vet had recommended holding her mouth open (good luck) and forcing it down but all that did is make her angry and shake it out of her mouth. The carpet didn't need medicating so this was a waste of both of our time.

    Kelly should get his loaner car today. Her insurance company seems to be cooperating. This is a pleasant surprise!

    Wednesday, May 15, 2002

    Pain in the Neck

    I probably should have mentioned that Kelly was not injured... his neck is a little sore but he escaped rather unscathed. He won't turn down sympathy however, so feel free to call him and give him a few "awww"s. Jazmine's on antibiotics and kaopectate. She likes the Kao but hates the antibiotics. Figures since obviously the antibiotics are more important. May the little black cloud move out from over our heads!!

    Cell Phones Make Stupid Drivers Worse

    Well, Kelly was rear-ended last night by a teenager on a cell phone, Jazmine's at the vet getting bloodwork and probably having a fit, and she was supposed to be done over an hour ago. I went to Frank's Nursery while I was waiting and bought 2 basil plants, chives and rosemary. We get sun in our new apartment now so why not! I'm looking forward to pesto that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to make! How long are pine nuts good for? I've had half a bag since last year's pesto making adventure. If only Parmesan Reggiano grew on trees!

    Tuesday, May 14, 2002

    Asti the Movie star

    2 Asti features on the movies page. They're big files but if you've got some patience (or high speed internet access) they're worth it! My favorite is his honking... not the best filming but if you turn your speakers up you can hear him "honk/whine". He's hilarious.

    A Good Day

    Today is a good day. It's sunny and warm. My Dad and I had our pictures taken this morning. We were able to see the proofs already and they turned out great. Hopefully I can scan them in soon. Then we went out to lunch at Champps and to Circuit City for my birthday present. Dad gave me several different lenses for my camera and a new case - I can't wait to use them!! My Mom got new tires for her vette and is getting them installed as we speak. Nobody won the powerball - it's up to 80 million. 80 million. That's just insane. I guess I'll have to break down and buy a couple tickets. Got to play to win right? Ugh. I can't even imagine, OK I can, but it makes me antsy. Here's the bass I caught this weekend. The album is up on the photos page (along with additions to Chris & Sheryl's album and to the Miscellaneous page).

    Monday, May 13, 2002

    Mother Knows Best

    My mom is so thoughtful. 25 being a special year, she gave me a gift for each year. I got the Sheryl Crow CD I've been wanting, fishing lures, remote control caddy, cute picinic glasses and neat fruit shaped sandwich plates; shorts, a shirt, a lennox candy dish... the list goes on and on and on!! She's so outdone herself this time. :) Kelly's parents gave me a $20 gift certificate for Applebee's which I guarantee will be used to buy at least 1 perfect margarita! I also got $20 from my Grandpa and Grandma Bray. What a nice birthday! My Dad and I will be getting together this week. We go to have pictures taken tomorrow morning. Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes!

    Friday, May 10, 2002

    Bathing Beauty & the Birthday Girl

    Asti had a bath last night. He didn't enjoy it. But he doesn't smell like an armpit anymore! He's so sweet, he gives "kisses" like Jazmine now. C'mon, ferret kisses aren't as gross as big wet doggie kisses. On that note, it's my birthday today. I don't feel old but am feeling a little blue for one reason or another. I'll get over it. (nothing a little cake and ice cream won't cure!) So everyone who cares, have a drink for me tonight! For anyone who doesn't care, drink until you do*!

    *not recommended

    Thursday, May 09, 2002

    Stinky Ferret

    Have begun a bio for Asti... he's a character. I am a bit disturbed, however. He and Jazmine were playing yesterday and he was biting Jazmine's ear quite nastily. I made the parental standard finger pointing gesture and said, "No!" Apparently I moved a bit too quickly because this scared the pants off of him and he leapt backwards and let out this shrill scream. Afterwards, I noticed he smelled like an armpit. He still smells like an armpit. He's descented and I'd wrongfully assumed that removing the "stink" glands would prevent them from scenting as it were. Either his descenting was unsuccessful or it's proof that boys just smell worse than girls do. Mental note: Scaring ferret makes for smelly ferret.

    Samantha's First Communion

    I've finished Samantha's First Communion album!

    Ugly Archives

    The blogger standard archiving is less than pretty. Especially when you prefer weekly archives and have been blogging for more than a couple of months. My archive page was hard to look at. With a big credit to Jake who started the code; Phil has written a user friendly javascript to turn the numbered archive titles into month names. See the scripts for yourself! Here you'll find scripts to name monthly archives, blog page archives, a calendar mode and like mine, weekly archives. Check out the new archives page!

    Wednesday, May 08, 2002

    This is the new baby...

    This is the new baby... Asti

    See more pictures

    Tuesday, May 07, 2002


    Q: What do you get when you cross moving weekend with your little cousin's First Communion?
    A: Really tired feet.

    Regarding the move... you'll be shocked to know that the only part of this move to go as planned was the AT&T Broadband move. I even had the pleasure of calling them and complimenting the cable installer. Other than that, it's been a very bad Three Stooges episode. We're moving into the apartment of a lady who is moving into another apartment within the complex. Last week, I was told she would be moving this weekend so we could have the keys probably by Tuesday. This was less than desirable for several reasons, not the least of all, it being my birthday on Friday. I let them know this and she said they'd call me when they knew more. By Thursday I hadn't heard anything so I called so I could reschedule the cable/phone move. Low and behold, we could have the keys Friday so we could start moving first thing Saturday morning. We had packed 2 boxes at that point and we had a commitment at our friend Heather & Rob's that night. So we started packing on Friday. We were told at 4pm on Friday that we couldn't start moving on Saturday morning in fact couldn't have the keys until Saturday at 11am. Rob was going to help us move on Saturday morning but had to leave by 1pm so it didn't make sense to have him make the 40 minute trip for an hour or so. My Mom graciously agreed to help us and together, us 3 stooges moved from 11am until 11pm. Sometime in between moving, Target found a way to eat $200. Sunday was Samantha's First Communion (I will have pictures up probably by next week). It was wonderful and yes, I cried. (When I have children some day I'm going to have to buy stock in Kleenex brand). On the way home, we stopped at Robbinsdale Farm & Garden (where we got Jazmine). We took home an 8 week old champagne baby ferret we've tentatively named Asti. He's a sweetheart. I'll have lots of pictures and stories soon. As if we didn't have enough to worry about, right? <sigh> We also got a humungous cage for the 2 of them and supplies to make 2 new playpens (one for here, one for Mom's). Yes, you read right, yet another project. We took yesterday off of work and finished moving (for the most part). I took today off to clean the old apartment which reminds me, I'd better be going. Thanks for listening to my moving plight. I feel much better now!

    Love & cardboard boxes,

    Friday, May 03, 2002

    Visiting Hours

    Thank you Jason for linking to me! I'll try my best to stay worthy of your Favorites list.

    I never really expected to have repeat visitors that I didn't know! I figured some might stumble upon this only once, but it's truly an amazing thing how this whole blogging thing ends up connecting you with so many interesting people. I've had 2 people contact me interested in the T-bird, 2 e-mails asking practical advise, not to mention that the site keeps family and friends connected with my life at their convenience. It's a rather interesting sociological study if you ask me!

    At any rate, whether you're a family member, a friend, a browser, or unsure how you got here... a big THANK YOU!! Congratulations, you're part of my life!


    For you peanut butter & jelly fans. You know who you are.
    [credit: mightygirl.net]

    Thursday, May 02, 2002

    Top 5

    Top 5 Reasons Not to Pack Even Though You're Moving in 2 days:
    5 - You develop an unexplainable fear of packing peanuts.
    4 - You believe in telekinetics.
    3 - You have only 3 boxes.
    2 - You lost your right arm in a farming accident when you were 9.
    And the number 1 reason not to pack even though you're moving in 2 days is...
    1 - Your dog has eaten 2 of the boxes.

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