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Kelly & I went up to Lake Vermillion this weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect even though the fishing was a bit slow. The lake is just so huge! We stayed at Pike Bay Lodge again. They're just wonderful people. We were in the boathouse this time. Complete with a mini fireplace and a jacuzzi tub. Yes we were roughing it. I caught a 20" northern on Saturday for dinner (which was fantastic) but on Sunday we had to resort to plan "b" (hotdogs and brats). It was so nice to get away from the city for awhile. Chad went back up to Brainerd where they caught their limit both days. The highlights were a 7 lb. northern and a couple of 3-4 lb. bass. This puts my 2-3 lb northern to shame!

I just looked back and realized I never wrote anything meaningful about fishing opener??? Can't imagine what is wrong with me.
Naturally fishing opener lands on my birthday (which was finally on a Friday) - what can you do? We went to Brainerd with Chad and Wendy. Chad's grandparents live on Mission Lake which is the clearest cleanest lake I have ever seen. You can see 5 ft down. The weather was awful - cold and wet even snow on Sunday. Unfortunately the fishing was slow. On Saturday I caught just 1 small perch and Sunday Kelly caught a largemouth bass and I caught a good sized lgmouth bass. I caught it with a "free" Rapala that came with a qt. of valvoline. I wasn't sure if the lure would even work and said so as I cast. The bass hit it about 2 seconds after it hit the water and gave up a pretty good fight into the boat. Wouldn't you know that I caught the northern with the same valvoline lure? Guess it works... :)


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