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Jazmine's feeling much better...

Jazmine's feeling much better after just 2 doses of medicine. I found a painless way to give a ferret medicine he or she doesn't want! If you hold them by the scruff of their neck, it makes them "go to sleep". It's painless for them (although I would not recommend doing this often or anything but in a gentle manner). Anyway, when they're "sleeping" I put the dropper by her mouth and dropped 1 drop or so at a time right below her nose, at the tip of her mouth. Instinctively she licked her lips thus eating the medicine! In about 30 seconds all meds were down and she seemed none the wiser. The vet had recommended holding her mouth open (good luck) and forcing it down but all that did is make her angry and shake it out of her mouth. The carpet didn't need medicating so this was a waste of both of our time.

Kelly should get his loaner car today. Her insurance company seems to be cooperating. This is a pleasant surprise!


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