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Asti's a Big Boy!

I've had Asti for 4 weeks. He's 13 weeks old today. He's grown 6 inches - he's exactly the same size as Jazmine already! I bought a Ferret magazine at Petsmart (not knowing it was $7.99 until I got home youch). It's filled with lots of good tidbits of information such as, females are 1-2 lbs. while males grow to a whopping 3-6 lbs. There is a picture of a huge male that seriously resembles a small bear cub. I think Asti is turning into a bear cub. Help.


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Your story about Asti reminded me of a friend who adopted a little, bitty puppy who grew up into the biggest dog I have ever seen. He could pick a basketball up in his mouth! Good luck with Asti and I hope he doesn't grow in to a bear!

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