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The Places We Go

Kelly & I went to Milwaukee this weekend for his cousin Lisa's housewarming party. It was a great time and their house is beautiful. Thank you aunt Bell and uncle Leonard for putting us up for the weekend! (or putting up with us, however you you want to look at it!). Figures that my friends from Milwaukee were in Minneapolis this weekend. We probably passed each other on 94. Kelly's parents were in town and are now in New York at Wayne's Mom's as is Kelly's brother Frank. Kelly's other brother Chris was in NY this weekend. Kelly is in Indianapolis interviewing new drivers hoping to get Indy going and should be home Thursday or Friday depending on the schedule. My Mom is in Kansas City helping her friend Kathy settle (Kathy moved there from Maple Grove a little over a week ago). She'll be back tonight.

So as you can see, we're all over the place right now polluting the roadways.

Other than that, it's hot and humid and stormy. The air conditioner went out this weekend (of course) and so it's about 90 degrees. I had to move the "kids" into the spare bedroom to keep them cool. They're happy now.

Let's do the un-rain dance. Dad & I have a 12:44 tee time.


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