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Thing 1 and Thing 2

A card was anxiously waiting for Kelly in his truck this morning. It pictured Thing 1 and Thing 2 and was completely blank inside except for a little poem I wrote him. I thought maybe someday we might want to look back on it so here it is to share with the world...

There's something funny about Thing 1 and Thing 2
It's always been there, I just never knew
Thing 1 makes Thing 2, makes me and makes you
Thing 1 started small, but it grew and it grew

Sometimes Thing 2 can become such a zoo
that it's easy to forget what Thing 1 can do
So I'm writing you now to remind only you
That I give you Thing 1 every day in Thing 2

So you might be wondering what are these Things?
What could it be to my life that you bring?
Thing 1 is my love and it's all through my heart
Thing 2 is this life that we've just begun to start


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