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Transferring to Movable Type

Well, at least I'm trying... So I've downloaded Movable Type version 2.11. I've loaded all of the scripts and perl modules. "It" is working. My template is not. I want this page to look the same after moving to MT but I can't get it to work. I've tried modifying the default template they give you, I've tried re-writing the code. I was actually getting somewhere with rewriting the code until all of a sudden it wasn't recognizing my css style sheets anymore. UGH. I've decided to put it away for today to avoid my throwing my monitor out the window. Dang it Blogger, see what you do to me???? Blogger has been having problem after problem with just about everything lately and the updates of late have me thinking the CEO has been taking vacations instead of being concerned about his "shareholders" and how they might feel about the service. I paid my 35 bucks and I suppose I've gotten my use out of it in the past 5 months. It's time to move on. Just too bad MT is so over my head. I want to ask Phil more questions but I can't bring myself to. Oh give me the courage...


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Hi Cari,
I keep checking your site to see if you got MT up and running or at least a new post! I am getting frustrated with Blogger, so I might take a look at what it will take to deploy MT also. I hope it goes ok and I will check back every now and then. Hope everything else is going ok too. Take care.

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