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Benedryl Junkie

Last night I took a half-dose Benedryl to help with the itching but got no results. So 45 minutes later I took another half-dose. I woke up at 10:30am. I still felt groggy & was extremely late for work. Lucky for me, my boss empathizes as he took a Benedryl once at lunchtime and hardly made the drive home. And we're worried about drunk drivers. It's allergy season people - watch out for the snoozer in the next lane!


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in sf a thirty eight year old woman died recently having ingested a large amout of diphenhydramine...this over the counter drug can be habit forming despite the belief that it is so safe...and it can have anomolous symptomatic reactions in some folks...the woman had taken it for about twenty years to try to fall asleep and was taking huge quantities when she died...the quantities had increased over the years and she didn't realize that it could cause a fatal reaction in large amounts...

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