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Fall Co-ed Rec Softball

It's official. The 12-step program failed and I have relapsed into softball addiction.

For those of you who tried to help me through this, I'm sorry to have let you down. But since I'm going back to playing ball, you might as well join me...

I'm starting a co-ed team in St. Paul! Strictly for fun & beer exposure (oh no that's another 12-step program). We'll play double-headers on Sunday nights for 6 weeks. We have a sponsor (St. Croix Valley Contracting) and so the only cost incurred should be for afterward refreshments. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hopefully game-time refreshments will be supplied.

Only requirement is a nickname.

Also I purchased a Demarini. The wrapper says it shouldn't be used under 60 degrees. Are they serious? We will need other bats as well. That's next on my list.

What are you made of? Are you in?


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Hi Cari,
You made me guffaw out loud! One summer I played in three softball leagues and a tournament almost every weekend, so I know exactly what you are talking about! It is addictive. Good luck with your team and I hope you can kick some butt!

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