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Ferocious Ferret

Friday I took the ferrets to the vet for their yearly vaccinations... Asti is now on a regular yearly schedule - no more boosters (yay!) The vet noted Jazmine's sweet demeanor immediately nuzzling her as she gave him kisses. Then he literally took a step back when he saw Asti. "He's the biggest ferret I've ever seen!" he says. Bring him by in December and have us weigh him - I'll bet he'll weigh 5 lbs! This is not exactly encouraging as he is 2 hands full already. Maybe when he's that big he'll lack the energy to drive me mad.

Friday night we treated ourselves with a movie. Men in Black II. It's cute, funny, pretty much what we expected, but it's a renter folks.

Saturday, we embarked on our Pampered Chef route. We delivered to Grandpa's first and visited with my Mom and Grandpa & Grandma for awhile. Then we headed to Shelly's where we made a golf date for 5pm and onto Shari's. We golfed at Brightwoods in New Brighton. It was so wet that there was an actual mud moat around the 2nd green. It ruined our shoes. We were less than content about this. Afterwards, Brent & I went in to ask for a refund. I flustered the attendant. We got our money back. I don't think we'll be going back there. It stinks. Thankfully we made up for the lousy golfing with a fun dinner at Champps on Silver Lake. I had the best fettucini alfredo ever. Go figure... at Champps.

Sunday we went to Kathy & Tim's for Whiz Bang Days. I made the turkey, they had lots of awesome food. Burgers, brats, salads, yum. The kids played in the lake, we checked out their beautiful new addition, poured a few beers and ate until we were full. We celebrated Jeremy, Mitchell & Noah's birthdays. We all doted on Katie & Dustin's 3 day old Jack. He's just unbelievably adorable. I'll have pictures before week end guaranteed.

um... how about today... pictures


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