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Visiting Christina

We left for Westbrook Saturday - after I stopped by Shelly's to drop off my "ice sculptures" and gift for her "naughty" shower. We arrived right around 8pm - just in time to drive to Walnut Grove to see Christina portray Laura in the Wilder Pageant. She did a terrific job! We all had fun & were impressed by our little star. Sunday morning, I started roasting the turkey before Kelly, Chris & I went golfing. We got back around 9:30am and Lynn & Nikki started breakfast. We ate, and continued cooking on through the afternoon. Right about 3 o'clock - all was ready but we were delayed by severe storms. A huge storm system came from SD and through the southern part of MN at high speeds. Reports included golf ball size hail, tornadoes and heavy rain. The sky went from clear to black so suddenly and yet everything was eerily still. Seemed like the ingredients for a tornado were all there. Luckily the storm cell passed through fairly quickly and without dropping any hail or trees in the area. Dinner was fantastic. Wayne made barbecue chicken, we had turkey, Lynn's macaroni salad, Nikki's potato salad, corn on the cob. Nothing was spared. Nikki made a great cake for Christina's birthday - I don't think there was even a drop of frosting left-over! Christina loved her gifts and was glad everyone was able to be there to celebrate her 10th birthday with her. I have lots of pictures & should have them posted very soon.


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