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Week in Review

Well I do believe this is a record! It's been a week since my last post but rest assured, I haven't quite withered away.

The happenings in the Berger household were as follows:

Samantha's 8th Birthday Party: Yes this means I've been out of high school for 7 years. There were 9 girls in the pool along with 2 antagonizing boys. Pizza, cake & ice cream were devoured. The girls sang along to the radio; spirits were high. Before I get to the gift part, I think it's important to note that Samantha does not have a birthday wish list. Nor does she have a Christmas wish list. Samantha tells each person 1 thing that she wants. She's extremely specific. A couple of weeks ago, I sat Sam down on my lap and asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She paused, but only for a second, and exclaimed, "ice skates." It's July. I won't go into how much effort was put into finding ice skates in July much less in a size 3. Nor will I elaborate on how nostalgic I became when I found the skates because the last pair of figure skates I remember having as a child were in fact a size 3. Needless to say I was excited to give her the skates. Present opening commenced. There was shrieking and bouncing and oohs and ahhs as Sam opened bags full of nail polish and hair scrunchies, CD's, clothes and other little girl things. Then she came to my gift. I had the camera perched in just the right spot ready to capture the opening moment. Sam tore the paper off in a frenzy and then announced quite nonchalantly, "Oh... ice skates." The ice skates were added to the pile of gifts behind her. She did express excitement about them later on though, announcing them first when asked what she got. I'll latch onto whatever I can :) haha. Heather & Mike outdid themselves again this year and gave her a fancy Karaoke machine. I can't wait until Sam sings her favorite songs over and over again into the night. That is if she can find where her Mom & Dad left he microphone.

Chris' 24th Birthday Party: Chris' girlfriend Missy arranged a surprise party for Chris at Gasthof's. Adam, Chris & Emily, Mike, Lindsey, Mandy, Michelle were there. Amy was in town and told us all about her wedding plans. Chris was surprised. German beer was enjoyed. Berger forgot her tab (ala credit card & license) and had to come back for it at 1.

I went to the Mall of America with Jill to find softball cletes and to have some girl time. We received the worst possible service at Champs Sports (seriously avoid this store). On the way out we stopped appropriately at the Original Sports Bar to check the Twins score. <wink wink> While we were there we figured we might as well have a drink. We then picked Kelly up at home and went to Red Lobster for their Bottomless Bucket of Crab. I think we went through over 4 lbs of crab. We probably scared Jill.

I journeyed to Minnetonka to have my bridesmaid's dress fitted. Luckily, only the hem and the straps need adjusting!

Also I registered our softball team. Our team name is Hoosier Daddy.
It makes me laugh.

Today, we're either going to Ribfest or out with Brian for his actual going away party. Then we must go to the grocery store for a turkey which I'll be making on Sunday at Nikki's. Tomorrow morning, Kelly, Chad & I are going golfing at the Francis A. Gross course. 6:37am bright and early! Afterwards, I will prepare the turkey. We'll leave Saturday afternoon for Nikki's (Westbrook, MN). Saturday night we're going Walnut Grove to see Nikki's daughter Christina in the Wilder Pageant. Christina is playing the role of Laura and is extremely excited and thrilled by signing autographs! She does shine in that spotlight! Kelly's parents and his brother Chris and his daughter Kati will also be there. It will be fantastic to see everyone!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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