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It's Friday which I should

It's Friday which I should find relaxing, right? So how come I'm all twisted up in a ball bouncy enough to be a superball? Hm... do they still make superballs? I used to hoard them when I was a kid. I remember repeated attempts to bounce the ball from one end of the gym to the other without hitting a basketball player enroute. Unsuccessful, but entertaining. Anyway, back to being the superball... tonight I'm off to Apple Valley to play ball (ooo, softball with a superball would be quite interesting) then tomorrow Jill & I will brave the wind, rain and crowds at Valleyfair. Sunday brings Hoosier Daddy's first game. We play a team called "Gabe's Friends" which sounds far too pink to be any kind of competition for Hoosier Daddy. :) The best part is that even if we lose, we still get to form a huddle and yell "Hoosier Daddy" on 3.

Wish us luck.


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