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Maddie's having surgery

Maddie had surgery today. She should be coming out of it in an hour or so. She's having teeth extracted and will hopefully have a fast recovery. She's 11 and so we're anxious but know she'll be better off after the surgery.
Update: Maddie is recovering well. She's on an antibiotic and morphine which makes her groggy and less than coordinated but she's doing surprisingly well. She has trouble with stairs as her front legs go up while her back legs go sideways. So, yes, she's more like me now.

We have our department picinic today. It's cloudy but it's going to be fun. BBQ and volleyball - the right ingredients!

I'm going to the State Fair afterwards. As you may know, most everything at the fair is deep fried on a stick. In fact, I do believe they have macaroni and cheese on a stick this year. I won't be trying that but I'll gladly watch others try it. Anyhow, we've always gone towards the end of the fair and since today is opening day, all of the oil is clean. Do you suppose we're even going to like the food???!! Hold on heart... pronto pups here we come. Speaking of pronto pups (one of my favorites)... surely you've seen corn dogs and pronto pups during one of your past artery clogging fair-going escapades and might have been curious if there's a difference between the two. Last year, I was informed that corn dogs are covered in a breading while pronto pups are battered. Good to know.


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