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Finicky Ferret

On Saturday we went to Fleet Farm to buy the "kids" their Science Diet. Who would have thought that choosing your ferrets' diet could be so complicated. IAMS was recommended by all of the ferret sites I'd researched but when Jazmine developed her allergy to it, the vet suggested Science Diet. Unfortunately, I'd never stopped to appreciate that IAMS is carried at all pet stores, discount stores and even some grocery stores. Science Diet is not. So far, I've found it at pet stores at their pet store prices and at Fleet Farm. I might mention the only reason we found fleet farm is because their display at the State Fair included a bag of Science Diet. Additionally, the Kitten variety that I must buy them only comes in the small bags and thus not at the greatest value. Apparently kittens grow out of the kitten food before a big bag would have been consumed. The ferrets will be on kitten food for some 2 years or something like that. Yeah, as if Asti needs to grow anymore.

After Fleet Farm, we ventured onto Woodbury's brand new Sam's Club anxious to use our $10 voucher to purchase a membership and 10 gallon vat of mustard. We spent over an hour browsing and picked out mahogany TV trays along with some perishables. We reached the check-out lanes only to find that they do not accept Visa or American Express. They take debit cards, Discover and their own Sam's credit card. In this, the age of Visa check cards, you just assume large retailers will accept Visa. Maybe not Amex, but Visa. I think if you're a large corporation and you don't accept Visa, it's your obligation to make this abundantly clear at the entrance. On top of this point not being made by a sign, nor by the membership representative who spent 5 minutes with us prior to our shopping, this brand new store's ATM machine was out of order. At least communicate THAT at the entrance. We left the store disappointed and disgusted. If they didn't have so many great deals we wouldn't go back. But alas, we will.

Saturday afternoon, I went to another Bridal Shower for Shelly. This was held at Brent's parents. We played lots of games. It was fun. I can't believe it's getting to be that time already! 3 1/2 weeks!

On Sunday we went to Canteburry Downs with Heather & Mike. Kelly'd never been to the races. Kelly won on a long shot - $15 on $2. He can finally have that operation now. I won a total of $16 but netted $2. Enough for another bet (haha). We stopped at Culvers before heading to softball.

Hoosier Daddy's game #2 was fantastic. We only lost by 1. We played tough and the bats were on fire! If not for a few overthrows we would have won! The MVP award goes to Emily & her ferocious pitching and to Kelly for his monster slide into home plate. He's healing nicely and accepting sympathy in all forms for as long as possible. He is a delicate flower after all.


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