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PGA Championship at Hazeltine

You may know that the PGA Championship is being played at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN. Tiger will be there.

Anyway, Hazeltine has 290 members and therefore, needed thousands of volunteers in order to make the tournament a success. The local news showed thousands of volunteers wearing green golf shirts with an embroidered Hazeltine logo along with the word Volunteer or tan pullovers with similar markings. Also some donned visors with Volunteer stitched into the band. Although no 2 looked exactly alike, they all had one thing in common. They all paid for their "uniforms". Granted, they get to keep the uniforms and wear them again on their next golf outing and that they'll get a glimpse of some of the players and maybe see a tee off here and there but isn't it ridiculous that they're paying for an item that says "VOLUNTEER"?? I'll bet they don't even get a discount. Hazeltine is making a killing on this tournament and they couldn't host it without the volunteers. Could they really not at least supply the golf shirts? I just think it's wrong for someone to have to pay for something that says volunteer when they're making someone else a profit!


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