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A Man's Quest to Fight A Grizzly

Troy Hurtubise hails from Ontario, Canada. He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. He wants to fight a grizzly bear. In 2001, he completed the Mark VI. He spent $100,000 and 15 years making this high-tech bear-proof suit. He used plastic, rubber, chainmail, galvanised steel, titanium - and thousands of metres of duct tape to construct a system which would allow him to go head to head with a 350 pound grizzly bear and survive. Right, because there's huge demand for such a product.

He wanted to test the suit out on a real bear but first, he underwent field tests while wearing the Mark VI. He was hit twice with a 136 kilogram tree trunk, 18 collisions with a 3 ton truck at 50 km/hr and numerous strikes with arrows, bullests, axes, baseball bats and a chainsaw. Unfortunately, the real bear test never happened, because:

A) they could not find a bear in the correct weight range,
B) they could not find a bear stupid enough to attack the man in the bear suit instead of the unarmed cameramen and news personnel, and finally,
C) once Troy was knocked to the ground he needed help from 3 men to stand since the suit weighs nearly 300 pounds.

What's worse? There's a Mark VII


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