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Shelly's Wedding Eve

This morning I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market with Susie, Gary, Shelly and Brent to take care of the flowers for their wedding. We had a full day ahead of us and were counting on being done with flowers by 10:00-10:30. We arrived at 8:30 and were greeted by a sing-songy Jim Bush. First he says, we must start on the corsages. He shows us how to make bows and puts us to work. We are to make bows from ribbon and secure them with wire. We had no scissors. A pocket knife tided us over while Jim went to the store to buy scissors. While we were busily tying bows, a gal was making the boutonnières. When Jim returned we'd nearly finished the bows. Jim said nay to the baby's breath that the gal had put in the boutonnières. He went on to rave about eucalyptus seeds and making some raw reference to the significance of seeds. And so we decided to use the boutonnières as corsages and were then charged with making the real boutonnières.

Meanwhile Jim is singing "You Are So Beautiful" to Shelly's bridal bouquet which is coming along quite nicely now. His next masterpieces were the bridesmaids' bouquets. We finished the boutonnières when he was finishing the last bridesmaid's bouquet. It's 10:45 and we still have the Mother's and Grandmother's corsages to make. Not to mention the altar arrangements and cake decorations. By now we're corsage experts, the boys are getting anxious and Jim's rendition of "You Are So Beautiful" is less than topping the charts. We finally finish the corsages at 11:30 and must go if we're going to make our other appointments for the day. Jim vows to have the altar arrangements and cake decorations ready by 9am.

We make our way to King of Roses where Hector lets us store the flowers in his cooler for Shelly's big day. We did it!

Next off us girls had manicure and pedicure appointments. It was so fun to be pampered. Afterwards we prepared for the rehearsal and Groom's dinner and headed off to the church!

Shelly found the most beautiful church! Just amazing. It's perfect.

The rehearsal went fantastic and the Groom's dinner at Angeno's was a hit. I can hardly wait until tomorrow! I'm a little nervous about the slide show, but I have faith it will work.


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