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Hoosier Daddy got a W 17-12! We played Brady's last night in the 92 degree heatwave. We're changing Emily's nickname to Superstar. She's a spectacular pitcher. The bats were hot and we played tough D - way to go!

The Vikes lost to the Bears 27-23 in a last minute TD to D. Terrell. The Vikes started out on fire but went to sleep in the second half. Moss actually sounded smart in his after game interview. Even though they lost, I was impressed by Bennett and think this team has great potential this year. The Chiefs/Browns game was unbelievable. The Browns had the game in the bag with less than a minute to go when the former Viking Rudd threw his helmet during the kickoff return giving the Chiefs 15 yards which brought them within field goal range. Chiefs were 2 points down and nailed the FG. I think Rudd is going to get his rear end in a sling. At least 3 games went into OT - Green Bay pulled out an OT win to Atlanta, Jets take over the Bills and the Saints beat Tampa. Nice opener folks. Cari predicts Steelers over the Patriots 24-20.


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