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I kind of thought that I would have time to relax after Shelly and Brent's wedding but I was mistaken.

We've been bowling fools. You'd think bowling twice a week would make for a better bowler. I think I've only increased my ability to suck down Vanilla Cokes. Then there's softball twice a week. We're tied for 1st place in the Division II Apple Valley league. Last game's on Friday - wish us luck! The Sunday night Hoosier Daddy team has been showing glimmers of brilliance. We won on the 22nd but lost to a bunch of soccer players last Sunday. I love playing ball but with how busy we've been, I'm sort of looking forward to this weekend, it being the last game of the season for both leagues. Wish us luck!

As for professional sporting events, the Vikings suck, Moss needs to be traded (can you say Hershel Walker trade in reverse??), Culpepper needs to be benched if he fumbles another football and Bates needs to stop returning punts/kick-offs. The Twins won the first game 7-5! Could this be a World Series year? Kelly got tickets to the Minnesota Wild pre-season game last night and we took Heather & Mike. The seats were fantastic - 9th row on the side. I'd never been to a hockey game before - not even high school. We had a blast! Wild beat the Mighty Ducks 4-1. We're going to the CO game in a few weeks - got club level tickets through work! Can't wait.

Work has been incredibly busy. I've spent the last 10 days installing a Linux webserver and a Sun Solaris server. I've never done an install before. It's been interesting. Thank heavens I didn't have to do this on my own or it wouldn't be neatly done right now. Instead, it'd likely be at the bottom of Lake Independence. I love Vi. Also, I love hot swappable disk drives. Not.

So that's about it. I've been so busy I haven't been to basket class in a month. Am definitely going through withdrawals. Hopefully I can go next week!


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Haha, hot swappable!

Used to be my favorite thing to say in college. Also, Vi is my leader. Actually, I try and use Pico whenever possible. But don't tell my UNIX geek friends.

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