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NFL Week 7 Recap

If you wanted excitement, you got it on this given Sunday.

Let's start with Mariucci's call in the 4th quarter with 2:23 to go. 49ers are down 28-27. NO have a 1st down on the 1 yard line. Brooks runs it in for the TD but there's a penalty - NO had 12 men on the field! There's 1:56 on the clock, 9ers have 1 timeout left. He knows if he accepts the penalty he won't get the ball back and so he does the unfathomable. He declines the penalty making the score count and receives the ball only to be stopped at the NO 20. They lose 35-27.

The Atlanta Falcons shut the Carolina Panthers out. What?

Brett Farve the Bionic Man leaves the game in the 3rd quarter with a sprained knee. If you saw it, you grimaced. Sounds like it's not as bad as it looked as he's been reported to be walking on it. Naturally the Pack has a bye next week so his 165th consecutive start will likely happen.

And then there was overtime...

2002's "most complete team" loses to the Chargers in OT. How do the Raiders manage to completely forget about Tomlinson in his OT debut?

Arizona takes over Dallas 9-6 in a drawn out kicker's showcase. Gramatica makes up for his 2 misses during regulation by making a 40-yard FG with 3:10 to go in OT. Some fans are still sleeping in the stands unaware that the game is finally over.

Speaking of kickers, Elam makes another game winning FG in OT over Kansas City. Priest Holmes managed to squeak out 113 yards and 3 TDs against the NFL's number 1 rated run defense. It just wasn't enough.

Perhaps the biggest shocker was Detroit's overtime win over Chicago. 4th quarter 1:04 to go. Chicago's up 20-17. Detroit has the ball on Chicago's 15. Do they go for the FG to tie it up? No, they're going in for the score... a defensive pass interference call gives them 1st down at the 1 yard line with 7 ticks left on the clock. Pass incomplete; 5 ticks left, 2nd down. False start, 5 yard penalty. THEN Detroit kicks the game tying field goal. Detroit wins the toss and Hanson knocks in a 48 yarder to win the game.

Oh yeah, and the Jets hand it to the Vikes 20-7.


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