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Weekend Mahem

Stephanie & Martos came over on Friday night for Teriyaki Wings and Pizza. We watched the Twins lose and caught up on things. Steph's due in January! We really need to get together more often!

Saturday morning Kelly & I went to Samantha's last Soccer game. They tied 1-1! She did a great job.

We went to Doyle's and pre-bowled while the kids did some bumper bowling. In the afternoon, Mike, Kelly & I threw the football around for awhile and ran a few plays. Kelly & I collided and I tweaked my neck. It was sore, but I didn't think it was anything to write home about.

Saturday night, we bowled with Kris & Jake. Then Heidi & Jake came up and we enjoyed the moonlight bowling festivities. Perhaps the intoxication masked the neck soreness.

Sunday was Hoosier Daddy's last game. The other team didn't show so we got our 3rd W. The team at field 5 was short 4 players plus their opponent was a no show as well. Ironically, 4 players from the 3rd field were loners and joined us for a just-for-fun game. We had 3 umps - it was pretty cool. We lost by 1 or 2 but it was a lot of fun. Perfect weather too - cool but comfortable.

Monday Kelly took me to the ER because the swelling in my neck got really really bad really really fast and the pain was getting unbearable. Turns out the space between my 6th and 7th vertebrae is condensed. This could be nothing or it could mean I compressed or slipped a disc. I went to the doc yesterday and she prescribed some meds and some slow light stretches. She wants to wait until the swelling goes down a little before doing an MRI. The hope is that the swelling goes down and I start feeling a lot better by Friday and then the MRI won't be necessary. Being stuck at home is getting to me. There's only so much daytime TV one can stand. Plus watching all of these home improvement shows is making me want to start about 100 projects. Or maybe it's the drugs. Who's to say???


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