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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Coming Soon...

Figured I'd publish a teaser as proof I am working
feverishly on Shelly & Brent's wedding photo album.

Holy mackeral I took a lot of pictures. Isn't she beautiful?

More to come!! ...

The Spoilers

The Gutter Dusters have come back with a vengeance. Kelly had a nice 548 series which included a modest 202. Emily contributed another 500 series and Jill stayed right around her average. I think I averaged 150 which is amazing since I started game 2 with a gutter ball. I followed it up by throwing another gutter ball in frame 2. Thankfully I picked that up and stopped throwing gutter balls after that.

We hung out with Ken, Connie, Rosy & Linda afterwards. Rosy & I are going to make pies on December 2nd. Rosy's specialty is Sweet Potato Pie while mine's Blackberry. Be sure to show up at Flaherty's on the 2nd - that is if you want a slice of the pie.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The Bowling Saga Continues

I picked up my new bowling balls on Thursday. Heather, Michelle & I went to Doyle's on Friday. The hook even on my spare ball, The Big Hit, is ferocious. The first ball I threw with The Freak was a pretty strike. I don't remember the first game score, which I threw with just my spare ball - it was spent mainly trying to get used to rolling 14 pounds of ball. The 2nd game (187) I threw with just the Freak and the third alternating (156). My bowling bag weighs over 30 pounds. This is ridiculous.

Saturday we bowled at Flaherty's with Kris & Jake. I had a 470 series - average 157. I like the new digs!

In the market for a new bowling ball? Won't settle for anything less than the best ball for the best price drilled by the best pro shop?? Go to On Track Pro Shop at New Hope Bowl. Dune won't do you wrong. Tell him Cari sent ya. :)

Thursday, November 07, 2002

The Entertainer

Kelly's parents' visit was a lot of fun. Wayne & Lynn, Nikki, Steve and the kids arrived at about 10am on Saturday. I made an egg bake, cheesy potatoes and sausage for brunch. The adults visited while the kids entertained the ferrets. We made our way to the pool in the afternoon only to find it was closed for cleaning. Luckily there is a gameroom and we enjoyed ourselves playing table tennis and pool. I had my first 2 beers. Nikki's family left around 5 and we made our way to Doyle's for our bowling league where more beer drinking ensued. Kelly's parents watched as we took all 7 points! I had a 500 series which included my first ever clean game (no open frames!) Ironically enough, I purchased new bowling balls the day before and was bowling with my old ball. Apparently my old ball is jealous and decided to show up to play. That or else I should start consuming special beverages at noon every bowling day. My Mom came up to the bowling alley to see us and we planned on going Moonlight bowling although never made it. We had fun eating appetizers and the best burgers in town instead. It was fantastic.

Sunday morning I woke at 7:30 and started making homemade tortillas, spanish rice and salsa. Kelly made eggs. Afterwards we cleaned up and drove around Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park aweing over the changes in the past 5 years. We got back home around 3pm and I started on the Teriyaki chicken wings. Pork Tenderloin, twice baked potatoes and stewed carrots were on the menu for dinner. My Dad came for dinner and to meet Kelly's parents for the first time. Dinner was a hit.

Kelly's parents left on Monday. We miss them already! I'm definitely cooked out for awhile, but it was a lot of fun to be the entertainer for the weekend!

Friday, November 01, 2002

New Photos!

I updated the Basket page and posted a new album on the photos page!

The pictures are finally up from Jane & Carlos' visit on October 3rd.

Enjoy! Shelly & Brent's Wedding photos are next!!

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