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The Bowling Saga Continues

I picked up my new bowling balls on Thursday. Heather, Michelle & I went to Doyle's on Friday. The hook even on my spare ball, The Big Hit, is ferocious. The first ball I threw with The Freak was a pretty strike. I don't remember the first game score, which I threw with just my spare ball - it was spent mainly trying to get used to rolling 14 pounds of ball. The 2nd game (187) I threw with just the Freak and the third alternating (156). My bowling bag weighs over 30 pounds. This is ridiculous.

Saturday we bowled at Flaherty's with Kris & Jake. I had a 470 series - average 157. I like the new digs!

In the market for a new bowling ball? Won't settle for anything less than the best ball for the best price drilled by the best pro shop?? Go to On Track Pro Shop at New Hope Bowl. Dune won't do you wrong. Tell him Cari sent ya. :)


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Just when I think about deleting the bookmark to this site, you go and talk about bowling. Damn it.

Are you telling me that there are 'things' inside bowling balls now? It looks like there is some kind of hydraulic doo-hickey in there, is that what that is? I had no idea!!

I don't pretend to be an expert on the subject but from what I understand - all bowling balls have weight blocks in them. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are designed to enhance hook or keep it straight - also the kind of reaction you get depends on how it is drilled. So fancy, it hurts.

Bowling is fun, plus it kept Karl Manx from deleting me. It also is magic. It makes my money disappear.

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