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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I can't believe it's over already! Our Christmas was fantastic. Busy and exhausting but enchanting.

We spent Christmas Eve at my Godparents' with my Dad. Heather & Mike came over at about 5:30 with Alex & Claudia. We opened presents together before they went on their way to Mike's parents. Kathy, Tim, my Dad, Kelly & I played Chickenfoot dominoes until about 10:30. It was so much fun! We got to Mike & Heather's at about 11. We helped them wrap presents and I spent some time with Claudia.

This year marked a tradition change as this was the first Christmas the entire Berger family didn't get together but we weathered it well. It means so much to spend Christmas with those who are closest to you. Next year we hope to spend Christmas with Kelly's parents and family. Maybe we can work something out so that we don't have to miss Christmas Eve night at Heather & Mike's. We'll see!

We spent the night at my Mom's and Santa paid us a visit! He was far too good to us this year - we haven't even had a chance to play with all our toys yet! We went to Shari's at about 1 and had chili and appetizers. We played the dice game and shared presents and laughter. After the party we went to Kathy & Tim's to play another dice game with my cousins. We got home pretty late but popped the cork on the bottle of wine from my boss and watched We Were Soldiers while I organized the Christmas presents. It's unbelievable, we have more this year than last and we had every intention of cutting down this year!!

I hope your Christmas was as warm and full of love as ours! Happy New Year!


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