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Sometimes these fragments of life fit together so beautifully even though it's so crazy we hardly have time to look back and admire the art.

Friday, November 22 was almost magical. Kelly & I have had a difficult month which might explain my sporadic posts. We've mended the appropriate places and made resolutions to try not to let the day-to-day things bog us down.

I left work a few minutes early on Friday and stopped at MGM for a bottle of wine. I arrived home before Kelly but you can imagine my surprise when he walked in with nothing else but a bottle of wine from MGM. We giggled over the twin bottles and decided to open his first. We talked for awhile about work, about nothing and realized that we were hungry. It was 6:15pm. Some serious yellow pages finger walking was underway when a trailer for James Bond's Die Another Day broke the silence. It was opening night. We looked at each other wide-eyed and said, "Let's go!" in unison. Quickly a plan was devised - we'd eat at Damon's if they had immediately seating and catch the 8:15 show at Carmike Theaters. I went to my laptop and bought 2 tickets at Fandango.com and we were off. We arrived to find a full parking lot at Damon's. The wait was 30-40 minutes. We put our name on the list and hoped the tables would turn over quickly. We made our way to the bar to order a liquid appetizer. We waited in line for the bartender for awhile but were distracted by an open booth that seemed to be screaming for us to sit in it. We couldn't imagine why they'd leave an open booth with such a wait! Finally we'd had enough of the suspense and I asked the Host if it was seat yourself in the bar area. Unbelievably it was and we were waited on within minutes. The ribs and cajun whitefish were fantastic and we finished up with plenty of time to get a good seat for James Bond.

The parking lot at Carmike was an ant farm with too many ants. We made our way into a tiny triangular side lot that fit about 20 cars. There was a car coming out of the lot so Kelly decided to check it out. As we pulled in, we noticed another car had driven around and was leaving the lot empty handed. We sighed knowing now that the lot was full. We got about 4 cars into our U-turn and like a lighthouse rescue beam, on pop reverse lights directly in front of us. We snagged the spot and were giddy at our good luck. We noticed that all of the 007 shows were sold out as we went to pick up our tickets. We purchased a pop and were on our way. It was more than 30 minutes pre-show and the marquee told us to wait in the lobby, but we made our way through the line of idly waiting people just to see how long before seating. The ticket taker took our tickets and told us to tread on our way. There was a sudden rush of people swarming in behind us. We were the 1st people in the theater. The movie was great - exactly what I expected. It's a James Bond movie - it's going to be full of innuendoes and unrealistic physical challenges. We rolled our eyes at the reality complainers. They stole my invisible car idea though do you think I can claim some royalties???? We were amazed at how fantastically everything fit together. We felt closer than we had for a long time.

It was incredible.


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