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Bowling Recovery

It's possible that bowling may send us all to AA. Unless it sends us to the poorhouse first. Crown fits nicely in a flask which fits snugly in a coat pocket. Who said they were out of style? After losing 5 pts on the lanes, we took up space in the bar with Butchy et al and then made our way to Heather & Mike's for some Catch Phrase and Chris & Jill's Captain Silver. I thought it was a good idea to drink directly from the flask. It was. Until I got home and the world started spinning like a top. After we made the 20 mile journey home, I found out that we were invited to stay overnight at the Rymers.

I couldn't even drink a beer during the Superbowl. That either means that I'm getting old or that I'm allergic to flasks. Unfortunately we're going to have to hear a lot more from Sapp and Keyshawn-give-me-the-ball Johnson. The Raiders didn't show up to play. The whole team was solemn on the sidelines until the last 2 minutes of the game. So the Bucs who won 0 games in their inaugural year in '76, finally take the championship 27 years later. Gruden deserves accolades of credit. For his tremendous coaching and for giving credit to Dungy. Go Vikes?


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