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Kris, Jake, Heidi, Jake, Kelly

Kris, Jake, Heidi, Jake, Kelly & I went to Wild Mtn Friday night for some midnight-skiiing-Lutsen-preparing. It was loads of fun & no bones were broken which is always a plus. I did fall down and drew the attention of 4 ski patrols who had to help me up because my glasses were fogged up and I couldn't see. Luckily I hurt nothing but my ego. Did I mention I fell down on level ground? I forgot how much fun skiing was albeit expensive. We got home a little past 3am.

Saturday morning we made our way to the butcher and picked up our meat. We stopped at Joan & Arman's and visited for an hour or so. They're so much fun to be around it's a shame we're so far away. Then we headed to my Dad's to stock his freezer. He sent us home with some chicken which we split with Heather & Mike.

From Dad's we went to Mom's to do laundry and play games. We had lunch and talked & laughed while trying to play Catch Phrase 3 way. It works, but it's hard to decide how to score. We decided we'd each get points for the correct answers given while being the clue-giver. We also played Remote Possibilities which is so much less complicated than the instructions make it out to be.

And then there was bowling. There was a great 1st game and lousy 2nd and 3rd games making us all sad but at least we bowled with the In-Laws so the company was good :) Marlene bowled us over again. There was much beer tested and unfortunate karoake singing. Butchy ended up wearing some of his own second-hand beer home. I have pictures to prove it. I've been extremely slow at picture posting lately, but someday this year they'll be here :)

Sunday, Heather, Mike, Alex & Claudia came over to my Mom's for brunch. We visited all day and then made our way to the Rymer's for burgers and chicken poppers. Mmm mmm good. We went home, watched XXX and crashed.

Tonight is bowling and the start of another crazy week.


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