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My First Barfight

I invited friends to meet us up at Lil' Ditty's piano bar at the Mall of America sometime after 8pm on Friday.

When Heather, Mike and I got there Chad & Wendy were already there holding us a table. Shortly thereafter, Jill, Mandy, Scot, Kris, Jake, Heidi and another Scott arrived. Chris and Tim joined us and it was a riot.

Kris, Jake, Heidi, Scott & I headed to the motel at bar close and met my cousin Shannon and a few of her friends. We threw back a few crown & cokes and laughed about the miniature bar brawl that topped off the night. If you've ever been to a piano bar before you might already know they sing all the songs you know and love with a twist and make a habit of calling people up to the stage to make spectacles of. A girl wearing a long coat and jeans was up right in front of us bending over to the song about her rear and Tim lifted her coat up. She got all up in arms and started calling him every name in the book and causing a scene. Tim blew her off and she went back to her boyfriend a few tables over. The rest of the evening she glared our direction and flipped a few birds here and there. I don't know exactly how it started but at about 12:15 I look over and Kris & Jake are at their table and I can tell Kris is in a heated discussion with someone. I went over to try to get them back over to our area. So I'm saying things like, c'mon guys it's not worth it, screw them let's go and this woman says to me, "that's my daughter and I don't appreciate those kinds of things said about her" & I said "I understand, I'm trying to get us out of here but she should keep her mouth shut". Next thing I know Kris has a grip of this girls' hair, I get hit in the head and swung back to get out of the way. Kelly pulls me out of the pile and all you can see are these 3 girls trying to hit Jake and all of these girls' boyfriends back about 10 feet. Pathetic. So security shows up finally and breaks everyone up. Someone says a girl wants to press charges against Kris because her lip is split open. I go running after Kris because there's no way she's going to admit to anything - 1st she didn't hit anyone and 2nd because she's got too much to lose. So we go talk to the police who were in agreeance with us that this is ridiculous. If anyone presses charges, everyone gets in trouble, not just 1 person. She decides not to press charges and we're sent on our way. Tim comes out and congratulates me. Apparently I'm the one who split this girl's lip. Go figure the diplomat ends up kicking someone's ass.

I can't believe my first bar fight was an accident. Phooey.


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