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No More Motel 6

We made the mistake of staying at the Motel 6 in Richfield (Mall of America). Not only was there a dispute involving a knife and 3 squad cars during the night, but there also was no running water in the morning.

I complained because that's the whole reason why you stay at a hotel, duh. I got a credit for $10.37. I said that's not enough and was told to call the manager, Jarod, who would be there in an hour or so. I called 2 more times on Saturday but the manager was never in.

I called Monday but the manager wasn't in. I called Tuesday and finally spoke with Dave, the manager on duty. I explained the situation and he said they'd probably send me a certificate good for a year. He'd call me back. I never got that call.

I called today and spoke to Dave who explains that since they were not at fault for the pipe bursting, there would be no compensation. What? He then makes the mistake of saying that I signed the slip for the $10.37 credit and so they wouldn't do anything else for me. I'm now expecting a phone call from the elusive manager Jarod so that he can tell me the same thing that Dave did.

This is so ridiculous. I will never stay at another Motel 6 again. Ever. I would strongly encourage you to do the same.


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My dad is a general manager of a Hampton Inn and they have this policy of unconditional 100% satisification. If you are unhappy with ANYTHING then the room is completly free. I thought it was pretty rediculuas because people are getting free rooms for saying dumb stuff like the tolit paper not being soft enough. However they have found they have one of the highest return rates because of it, so he says its worth it. Another thing they do is they record it in the computer system and its something like 3 strikes and your out, they just say their sorry but they can not satisify you so just go to another hotel.

Anyways my point is that you can stay an any Hampton Inn in the country (world) and rest assured that if anything happens you get a full refund.


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