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The Top 10 Things I Haven't Written About

Not in any specific order...
10 New Year's Eve at Shelly & Brent's was loads of fun. Shrimp, Lobster & divine Crab Legs were enjoyed. We played Outburst and Pictionary. Who knew naming the 12 gifts of the 12 days of Christmas could be so difficult? I said French Chickens.
9 We had another game night with Kris & Jake after bowling on Saturday. We played Catch Phrase until we were all in pain from the laughter. We made a huge dent in the Crown Royal.
8 We've been on the lookout for freezer space - where oh where are we going to put 200 lbs. of beef??? (We pick up our 1/4 cow on Saturday)
7 I have a headlight out. It's been out so long I'm afraid the other one is going to go and I'll be driving in the dark. Who knows maybe this will improve my driving.
6 We're officially working towards buying a house. Save save save. Donate donate donate. :)
5 I'm overdrawn. Stupid stupid. By $7.43 Even more stupid stupid.
4 I gave Jill her own shiny bowling ball for Christmas. & a vintage bag. Her Dad gave her a bowling shirt with her name on it for Christmas. Everything is coordinated in blue. She's officially a bowler.
3 I am patiently waiting for KS95 to announce my name in their Big Plastic Payoff contest. OK not so patiently, but waiting never-the-less.
2 I absolutely love my new Pressure Cooker. What did we ever do without it???
1 I think I'm addicted to the hand-held UNO game.

Peace out - make it happen.


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