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After bowling on Saturday night, we took our places in the bar to finish our pitcher of beer. It was 9:15. Because we were certainly close to dehydration, we ordered another and set goals to be out of there before the liquor store locked its doors. We tore out of there at 9:55 and buzzed 2 doors down and picked out 2 18-packs. While Mike was paying for the goods, Kelly slyly shows Heather a bottle of wine he has behind his back and motions "Shhhh". Heather whispers, OK I've got your back. We turn to leave and there was some commotion but I paid no attention and made my way to the Durango. Once inside Heather says, "Kelly's got something up his sleeve." When questioned, she continues, "He's going to try to steal a bottle of wine!" What??! That tool, I'm thinking. She describes how he showed her the bottle of wine and that she was waiting for him to leave before her to cover him. Our eyes divert to the locked door. Since we were the last patrons of the day, the owner locked the door behind us, I'm certain of that. I'm about 30% positive we're all going to jail. Not a second too soon, out comes Kelly. He's not running or frantic, in fact he's smiling. It turns out he only wanted to surprise me by buying us a bottle of my favorite wine. His way of showing Heather and saying shh, was in fact, intended to have her make sure I left the store and didn't see him buying the bottle, and not that he was trying to steal the wine and needed cover. I felt like a tool for thinking that he'd actually take the wine without paying for it. Mike was laughing about the fact that Heather was going to cover for Kelly's crime and in the end, there were no cops, handcuffs or jail-time to write about. Only mass misunderstandings, grapes, hops and barley.


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