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Flashback to Thursday

I went out with my friend Jill last Thursday for ladies night. I decided it'd be a good idea to drink martinis. Since they had juice in them I discounted them as normal drinks tastefully disguised in martini glasses. They were in fact, martinis. Anyway, here is a funny tidbit from our discussions: when the other Jill was a child, she noticed that her parents "stored" tennis balls between their headboard and the wall so she naturally thought that this was the way the world should be and began storing tennis balls behind her headboard as well. This seemed normal until last year when she had a revelation and finally figured out WHY her parents stored the tennis balls behind their headboard.

Also I realized I'm still naive as hell. Our waiter was very good looking and the Jills thought so too. They're both single, so I started conversations with him drawing his attention to my ladies (yes, Cari the pimp). There was much giggling so I thought this to be good. After last call I went to the bar to order a water. The waiter was there. He got my attention and we started talking. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, then quickly I said, don't get the wrong idea, I'm not hitting on you, I have a boyfriend. So comfortably, we discussed girls, the world, etc. To me it felt like we were old college buds. So I downed my H20 and us girls turn to leave. It comes up that his car is 2 blocks away and somehow it made sense to offer him a ride. He's impressed by my football emblems and then by the football talk as well as the stick-shift saying he doesn't know any girls like that (this should have been my cue to stop the car and jump right?). So we get to his car and he tries to kiss me the damn fool. So yeah, Berger's naive but hey, Berger's still got it.


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