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Planned Out

I've been using my Franklin Covey planner for years. I update it with all of my tasks for the day and check them off when complete. This allows me some closure at the end of the day. I can breathe a sigh of relief, leave work at work and head home free.

This morning, I wrote 2 tasks down: Avaya proposal and Minam. You're thinking, what is Minam? The fact of the matter is that even I don't know. I've tried retracing my writing, looking at it from 7 different angles and still it doesn't make sense. The "a" looks like a capital A and capital letters never pop up out of nowhere in my handwriting. I'm completely perplexed. This device that usually grants me the serenity of knowing I'm not missing anything is creating much angst today. Even my e-mail records aren't jogging my memory.

So if anyone knows what Minam might be, do you want to let me know? Surely it won't be accomplished if I don't know what it is.


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