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The Great News Debate

I'm so frustrated with the local news I could scream. I grew up with Kare 11 and was completely satisfied with their newscast until one fine day late last year when we accidentally watched the KSTP 5 news. As the news anchors fought for the last word in their good-byes, Kelly and I looked at each other in disbelief. So maybe the newspeople aren't as polished, but we felt better informed. It's as if Kare 11 does 5 stories extremely well while channel 5 does 15 stories. 15 stories!? Can't we forgive a few word fumbles here and there? We intended to check out the other news programs to determine which one we favored but now that we know that different stations cover different stories we can never decide which station to tune into. Even the stories you think every channel will feature won't be in the newscast you decide to watch. I believe this is a government conspiracy.

But seriously, we watched 29 news last night because they were to cover a story about black boxes in some cars that could be used against us and "cost us money" in their words. We were disappointed when the story never aired. How can this be???? I ought to write a strongly worded letter but then again maybe it aired while I was admiring Kare 11's pretty faces during a commercial break. The humanity of it all.

I found this link on the Internet. There you can even see if your car has a black box recording your every move. I always wanted a big brother, but someone got the wrong idea. I don't know how this could end up costing us money, but my car doesn't have one so plbbbt.


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